Richmond Chapter

The Richmond CPCU chapter is comprised of over 230 insurance professionals in the Richmond, Virginia area who have or are pursuing their Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter designation.

The CPCU designation is conferred upon property and casualty insurance professionals who have fulfilled the following qualifications.

  • Served the Insurance Industry for five or more years
  • Completed a rigorous series of examinations on insurance related topics
  • Agreed to live and work by a Code of Ethics

Click here to read Where Is Your Horn, A History of Virginia Chapter, Society of CPCU, written by W.T. Neal, CPCU, January, 1970. "This is an imperfect record of some of the important people and events that occurred in the 1950's and the 1960's to the Virginia Chapter, Society of CPCU."

To find out more about joining the Richmond Chapter or about how to get started with your designation email richmondcpcusociety@gmail.com


Past CPCU’s of the Year:

2019:  Derek Lynch

2018:  Gabrielle (Wilson) Clapman

2017:  Lauren Outen

2016:  Jeff Cole

2015:  Sue Zoboli

2014:  Tim Cook

2013: Sandy Crayton

2012: Larry Fernandez

2011: Chris Cook

2010: Kelly Hadiaris

2009: Tim Cook

2008: Nick Abraham

Craig Mathre
Debbi Harrington
Richard Scherer
Lee Nye
Robert Neal
Jennifer Blandford
Norm Halvorson
Richard Spiers
Bruce Kay

Past Organizations of the Year:

2019:  Selective Insurance Company

2018:  Continental Underwriters, Inc.

2016:  Southern States Insurance Exchange

2015:  VML Insurance Programs

2014:  Kinsale Insurance

2013:  James River Insurance

2012:  Markel Corporation

2011:  Nationwide Insurance

PMA Companies
Virginia Property Insurance Association
Commonwealth Underwriters
Hilb, Rogal, & Hobbs Company
Berkley Mid Atlantic Group
Colony Insurance
Virginia Mutual Insurance
Markel Corporation